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Well, you can find that answer out yourself by browsing our massive wrestlers database that has been the backbone of the site since 2005. Good story here where 2 young lions want to prove themselves against 2 veterans. The biggest stars and the most unknown rookies, all of them are included in the database and can be commented on, rated and generally browsed for huge amounts of information -- as long as the individuals have received professional training. Perfect.” Miz has made it his mission to restore prestige to the title that once was regarded in the same light as the WWE’s top title, the World title. (I went) over to the side and l looked over to my left and there were like 10 of my friends who were in my living room in 1999 watching Wrestle Mania, The Rock versus Austin, for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, and those guys, those same friends, were standing there watching me about to defend the WWE championship, the same title, in the main event of Wrestle Mania. I am not six-foot-seven, 300 pounds of pure, solid muscle.

“The split I think really helped me gain some ground and create some traction and show exactly what I can do.” That’s exactly what he’s done, re-emerging as a top talent on Smack Down Live, and putting together one of the best years by anyone in WWE. Those are the things that motivate me to be the superstar that I am today and I like who I am and I like who I've become and I'm one of the most decorated superstars that WWE has had in its history. All of my friends will be at Wrestle Mania 33 in Orlando to support me because that's just the type of friends I have.

No backyarders allowed, so please do not contact us about your buddy just because he can do a really cool pile driver.

Non-wrestlers, like referees, commentators or promoters are included as well as a few celebrities who have stepped into the ring themselves.

“I’ve been able to advance and become the top talent that I am today because of my heart, dedication and determination to be the No. “I don't think the fans look at me as the underdog though. "I remember watching Wrestle Mania when Ultimate Warrior was running down the aisleway like a maniac,” Miz replied when asked about his Wrestle Mania memories. And I remember being in my living room back when i was in high school, watching The Rock versus Austin in the main event.

Then, there I was a decade later, in the main event at Wrestle Mania 27.” The Miz character was back. That main event victory over Cena should have propelled Miz to megastardom.

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