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Having a single, cumulative patch to install each month will sound like music to the ears of many Windows users. When I sit down each morning to go through my email, I don’t want to be stopped in my tracks by a pop-up warning me that my computer needs to reboot and apply updates.

Assuming the updates install without any issues, I’m still left not knowing when I can regain control of my PC.

This week I’d like to look at what these changes are as well as their potential impact. The TL; DR version is that starting this month (October 2016) Microsoft will release a single monthly rollup instead of individual updates.

Here’s the official version: From October 2016 onwards, Windows will release a single Monthly Rollup that addresses both security issues and reliability issues in a single update.

In a nod to utilitarianism, I believe that Microsoft puts policies in place that do the greatest good for the largest number of customers.

One challenge I see going forward is how Microsoft keeps both business and consumers happy.

But following that plan with the changes Microsoft has proposed is a lot more difficult.

When Microsoft issued separate updates, it was a lot easier for IT to pinpoint the problem and defer the specific patch.

Microsoft knows how to keep IT people happy because that’s been their focus for decades.I eventually called into the conference over VOIP without using my webcam.A few days later I read about how other webcam users were having problems after installing the Windows 10 anniversary update.I see this change as one that’s better for end users. I hope that Microsoft continues to provide details for each monthly patch.With only one update a month, it would be great for Microsoft to give consumers a simplified explanation of the update while providing IT with a more detailed rundown of exactly what changes will be applied.

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