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In the Summer of 1991, the school was suffering from major maintenance issues, thus the school was shut down, and students from grades 9 through 11 were sent to other schools around the district.Degrassi High would not re-open until ten years later, in the Fall of 2001 as a Junior High school once again.In the spacious front entrance lobby, a mural outlooks the front steps, one later redrawn by Jimmy Brooks.Written primarily at the top of the walls above the locker/hallway areas, there are a number of inspirational quotes employed. Yorke in 2006, a memorial garden is built in his name at the school.

This uniform regulation has been dropped as of Season 12, and students can now dress as they like, though they still need to wear their IDs.

Completely renovated and changed by the Summer of 2001, Degrassi Community School features nontraditional design schemes using new materials.

Despite being named a Community School, Degrassi does not follow the typical public school layout but closer to being identified as an alternative school, with the heavy emphasis on Media Immersion pointing to the possibility of it being a tech magnet school.

The main foyer is host to Degrassi's own motto, written larger and bolder than the other quotes. The actual set for where the school scenes are shot in is a warehouse sized studio at Epitome Pictures.

Outfitted to look like an actual school, the set features perhaps the most intricate and detailed designs, including numerous fliers, bulletins, and posters pertaining to the fictional Degrassi Community School.

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