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By that time Olajuwon had made it clear he was disenchanted with his contract, his teammates and his owner, Charlie Thomas, whose efforts to sell the Rockets had become infuriating to Olajuwon, who felt Thomas was bailing out on the team when it was down. 12, 1995: The Stuff Of Dreams, by Leigh Montville With a performance for the ages, Hakeem Olajuwon lifted his Rockets back into the Finals This story from Leigh Montville is from the very pinnacle of Hakeem's individual career, just after he had demolished 1994-95 NBA MVP David Robinson in the Western Conference Finals, and was about to claim his second straight NBA Finals MVP award: The videotaped pictures suddenly grab Rudy Tomjanovich, pictures that leap off the oversized television screen in his office. He will be in the midst of dull work, trying to dissect the tendencies and weaknesses of some Houston Rocket opponent in this long playoff spring, when his attention will be drawn to his own team. He will watch Hakeem Olajuwon in action with a new and different eye. Hakeem has the ball in that familiar spot, low, on the left side, back to the basket.

The Nigerian-born Olajuwon invited Ewing in, and together they listened and talked about music, not basketball, as the Caribbean sounds filled the room. "It was like he was no longer a foreigner but a cocky, hip, black schoolyard dude. It was a dead standoff."Olajuwon's teammates claim, however, that once he gets hold of a new slang expression, he beats it to death. 'Now I am going to rock your world.' It cracked everybody up."Even [Benny] Anders, Olajuwon's roommate at the time, was mystified at first.

They were teammates of a sort at the time, traveling on an NCAA -sponsored antidrug campaign, and it would be the last time they would meet with so little at stake. "The dude be talkin' weird from jump street," says Anders, who can be somewhat incomprehensible himself. Says Anders, "We just lay up and rap about what's coming down."Mar.

The next year they would play for the NCAA championship; Ewing would score 10 points, Olajuwon 15, but the Hoyas would get the better of the Cougars, 84-75.... One day in September in Houston, Olajuwon and Malone were engaged in one of their daily crash and gore tete-a-tetes under the "rack" when Malone called a foul on his young protege, who immediately took exception. 22, 1993: A Dream Come True, by Jack Mc Callum A year ago he was angry and discontented.

( are generally her brothers.) Compared to the Damsel in Distress, the Distressed Dude is somewhat more likely to save himself in the end, to be saved by someone of the same sex, or, if saved by a woman, to be saved by one using her traditional, feminine strengths, rather than by someone using a more direct approach.

When the Distressed Dude rescued by an Action Girl, it's not uncommon for him (or for another character) to describe this as an injury to his masculinity.

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He is spinning left, going to take that little eight-foot jump shot.

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