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The Minnesota Department of Health's STD, HIV and TB Section is able to provide technical assisstance and advice to clinicians, organizations and individuals.

Our web pages have a wealth of educational materials for both clients/general population and professionals.

We are available to talk about a range of topics including birth control methods, condoms and safer sex, emergency contraception (Plan B), STD and HIV prevention, pregnancy options, and education for vasectomy and tubal sterilization.We also have education staff in the clinic to further support patients through sexual health programs and counseling.The Minneapolis School Based Clinics Program provides physical, sexual, and mental health services at 7 Minneapolis high school locations for the students who attend those schools.We want you to feel good about the responsibility of taking care of yourself!Clinical Services provided by physicians and nurses Birth control methods: pill, patch, Nuva Ring, Depo Provera, Mirena IUD, Implanon implant Emergency Contraception Pill (Plan B / “Morning After Pill”) Male and female condoms Pregnancy testing & all options pregnancy counseling Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) testing and treatment We provide Free Medical services including vaccines, birth control, pregnancy tests, and can offer free prescriptions to those in need as well.

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