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Here is a sample code that modifies one of the fields in the Item Adding event.In this example we have a links list, with a custom column called "Tool Tip" (internal name is "Tool_0x0020_Tip") and we want to set it automatically to the title of the link the user picked: Original post: (was posted during Beta2) Ok - here is an update to my "Bad news - synchronous list events bug (or missing feature)" post from August: I reported this as a bug to Microsoft, and got a response that they "cant repro this on a newer build - please check on TR". The properties of the new list item are simply not accessible.Write comments here if you agree and we will build us a petition!Declare the correlation token for the workflow in the On Workflow Activated activity.Then, for each activity that affects the entire workflow, bind that activity’s correlation token to the correlation token of the On Workflow Activated activity.

If you try to add a property to that hashtable that doesnt exist in the list definition, the user will get an error that the field isn't installed correctly.

Next, in our Dispose method, we simply set the value back and you're done.

Now you may ask, why not just set it to false in the constructor and set it to true in the Dispose.

By the way, this means that Sahil's example does have the bug I pointed out - during itemadding, the item is not yet added to the list and is not available through .

People- I think this is big enough that we should gang up on Microsoft and clamor for them to give us the ability to check properties of list items.

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