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All those teleconferencing/videoconferencing/virtualwhiteboards/etc are not as effective as everyone sharing the same physical workspace.

Yes, they do help mitigate many issues of isolation and they do help collaboration but there's still some "bandwidth loss" when people are not in the same room or even down the hall from each other.

Yes, there are the common examples of virtual remote workers at basecamp, Automattic, github etc. A lot of startups have ambitious goals and very hard technical challenges and you can't compete with a team made up of 99% remote workers.

At first glance, it seems programming also fits, but only for modest projects.We’ve been going back and forth on twitter for a while and I finally got my hands on her.Watch this in crystal clear 60 frame per second (its the new thing) Thanks Apollo for making this happen ; D XOXO First Time Hookups / 13M 44 Sec / 60 FPS MP4.Yes, the remote workers themselves will insist "I'm 100% just as effective offsite as onsite -- in fact, I'm more productive because I'm not interrupted by office nonsense." No doubt they feel that way but the whole team isn't more effective.Remote workers even with today's fanciest collaboration technology is not the answer to finding the best talent.

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Real time communication via Hangouts or Skype are at a level where you can hold a good conversation without having to be in the same physical location.

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