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It is expensive to produce electricity and we don’t want to waste any.If the current is low then less energy is wasted in the lines.As you can see in the previous diagram, the electricity first goes through a transformer before entering the national transmission lines.This is a step-up transformer as it increases the voltage and lowers the current.[4 marks] There is resistance in the transmission lines.If the current is very high then a lot of energy is lost to the lines in the form of heat.To prevent the waste of energy, the electric current is rather sent through the transmission lines at very high voltages and low current.

Hint: Remember what we learned about the effects of resistance.Chapter overview 1 week This chapter revises the work covered in Grades 7 and 8, with an emphasis on nuclear fuel.Try to arrange an excursion to a power plant or ask if an engineer is able to come to the school to explain how the power plant operates and to answer questions posed by the learners.If these are detected then the power supply to that area is cut off. The energy released by the burning coal is used to heat the water.The water particles have enough energy to change from liquid to vapour.

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