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Its along the "Turistas" and "Hostel" theme in which a couple of American girls travelling across Europe have a car breakdown in the middle of the night and end up going to the door of a demented German surgeon.It seems the Doc has plans to attach people from mouth to anus and create a human centipede.After a very promising opening where a teenage girl (played by Canadian actress Jessica Lowndes from Autopsy) follows notes to an old abandoned house, then gets grabbed from behind, its downhill Gimpwise.

Pretty much just a creature-feature as the swamp demon is the main attraction here. They thought the evil was eradicated several years ago, but now the evil has returned and is bent on revenge.I really like the visual the look of sweaty babes creates.Plus it's such a simple effect to do, just break out the spritzer bottle! Well let me rephrase....a pouty lower lip, but with a thin upper has always been my favorite look.Unfortunately one of the Docs participants is a dude but check out the trailer and tell me what y'all think.cc_local: Dude, I'm really sorry, I know you're a newbie and I'm sure your intentions were honorable, but we don't allow complete movies full of copyrighted bondage material.A 20-second teaser clip would be fine, but this is how Wired Pussy makes their money and we're not going to take away from their income on this forum.

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