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If an item is returned, the commission must also be returned.

While some affiliate programs, such as Entire Web, still offer pay-per-click compensation models as well as pay-per-sale models, this pricing structure is becoming less and less common among major affiliate networks.“Cost-per-click” can be thought of as a form of lead generation.

Their customer base consists of merchants and affiliates.

The e Bay Partner Network does offer both pay-per-click and pay-per-sale compensation models, but it tends to refer to the pay-per-click model as “advertising,” not an “affiliate program.” For many, this is just semantics.When you advertise a merchant’s product or service and being paid for each click, you are actually being paid for leads.But, as mentioned, when that lead is a bot or an incentivized human, it isn’t worth anything to the merchant.Merchants offer a percentage of the final sale to the affiliates, which is much less risky than a cost-per-click model.It virtually eliminates the fraud potential, since merchants put zero money down and only pay the affiliate upon completion of a purchase.

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This means that you get a percentage of a sale, as opposed to revenue based on clicks.

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