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Digging a “natural” channel (as engineers dug at nearby Coldwater Lake) would increase sediment loads in the Columbia River channel, requiring more dredging. Megafloods carved the Channeled Scablands farther east in Washington (7/25/08). After all, a mudflow in 1982 carved a similar canyon at Mt. The power of moving water is underappreciated by many people. Why, it might deposit sediments all over the world, loaded with remains of plants and animals.Everybody seems to agree, though, that doing nothing is not an option. Even secular geologists propose historic megafloods in China (8/08/16), the Black Sea, and the English Channel. With sufficient volume and energy, flood water initiates processes like plucking and cavitation that can carve solid rock like butter, causing enormous change in a matter of minutes. These sediments might be flat on top of each other as water directions shifted, covering large areas and even crossing continents. Lyell-inebriated geologists have long opposed large floods due to the power of the gradualist paradigm (4/30/09; see Steve Austin on You Tube discuss Darwin’s wrong interpretation of the big Santa Cruz River Canyon in Argentina).According to some estimates, it took 50 thousand years, maybe 100 thousand for each layer to develop: a soil to form, small plants to invade, trees to grow, a mature forest to develop, then a volcanic eruption to bury the forest and the cycle to repeat again.Large sequoia stumps are visible in some of the layers.

The catastrophic eruption not only shocked the area around the mountain, it shocked scientists into a new realization of the power of catastrophist geology. Those acquainted with creation geology literature are undoubtedly familiar with the fact that Mt. Helens has become almost iconic of catastrophism as a support for rapid change during creation and the Flood. He has a Ph D in geology from a reputable institution, and his field work at the mountain was of the first order.

All this from one “little” lake beside one relatively puny volcano. The Yellowstone fossil forests, once thought to be a slow-and-gradual deposit, are now believed to have been deposited in one or more catastrophic mudflows (9/28/15), just like at Mt. Later, impounded lakes might breach their dams and create huge canyons through the sediments while they were still soft. We need to see the geological evidence with new eyes and minds—minds not trained to dismiss evidence just because it happens to coincide with a certain historical account.

One thing that is instructive on this anniversary is the difference in focus between creationists and evolutionists on the lessons of Mt. For starters, Live Science posted a series of satellite images showing the vicinity of the mountain before and after the eruption, and how it looks now, 30 years later. Janet Fang wrote in her article, “Hot science from a volcanic crisis,” that “The eruption of Mount St Helens in 1980 left an indelible mark on the field of volcanology.” Indeed it did, but her focus was entirely on other lessons.

Yet soon after the catastrophic mudflows that threatened everything downstream to the Columbia River, a new danger loomed. Service recounts what happened next for Magazine: Thirty-six years ago, the mountain erupted, killing 57 people and blowing a cloud of ash 20 kilometers high.

It also sent an avalanche of rock, sand, and gravel down its north slope that crashed into Spirit Lake, blocking the river that drained it. The fears of 36 years ago are back with a vengeance.

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