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They are really putting little people in a bad light and I know that they are not like this in general!

"Little Women: Dallas" stars Emily Fernandez and Bri Barlup are following in Cardi B's footsteps ...

Although she was working for the IRS, she had always wanted to be a social worker, until one night when she watched a program on sexual health on a cable network.

“They were talking about the Kama Sutra," she recalls.

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Here's where you can meet singles in Saint Albans, Vermont.

We got an exclusive clip of Emily and Bri -- emcees Right Cheek and Left Cheek -- in their new "Get Rich" vid.

It's the follow-up to their debut, "Poppin Bottles," which has racked up almost 10 million views in a couple months.

Remember, Bri is several months pregnant, but you can see it didn't slow her flow during production.

I have never watched a show that had more backstabbing and arguing in my life! ALL they are is two-faced, fighting and scamming!!! Then you have Tracy's negative crying self and Christy's hot headed hubby.... The show could be really good if these girls were true friends but they all act like they hate each other!

I was recording the episodes and did watch the first season because at first I kept thinking that it might get better and the writers would stop the madness but season 2 is even worse!!!

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