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There were forces working against us and I didn’t want to make things worse by being unaccommodating.My schedule was more flexible than his so it made sense that I should work around his schedule, right?They’ll take you to a really expensive bar or restaurant, pay for the all your cocktails and then tip the staff more than they ever would if they were just with friends. The answer is simple: because they want to impress you!Little do they know that they will often pay the price for this later in the relationship!

We make sure we smell amazing, that our hair is done to perfection, generally spending far too long in the bathroom! Simply because we wouldn’t put in all this effort if we weren’t going on a date.On the night of our first date, I had to delay our meeting time by a few hours because I forgot I was supposed to be having dinner with some friends.When I eventually met up with Craig at the bar, the first thing he said after our friendly hellos and my apology for changing things around last minute was: “I like that you didn’t cancel on your friends.While in theory that makes sense, in reality, Craig started pulling away more and more.The frequency of calls and texts declined…he was always “too busy” to hang out…he stopped initiating contact (but would always respond when I reached out to him, acting nice and normal like always)…

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