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When the conversation began, someone passing through the fancy hotel lobby may have mistaken it for a job interview.By the time it ends, it looks more like a social heart-to-heart. Don’t use any technology, and your price point serves only a luxury market.

She’s the founder of her own company, gorgeous, and speaks with the calculated fluidity of someone accustomed to appearing on conference panels. No, she doesn’t mind dating people who are divorced. Three Day Rule clients get face time with the matchmakers who learn their preferences. They get professional photography for their dating profiles.Customers can pay per month for two matches or for four matches (the company also offers a more traditional premium service starting at ,500 per month). Three Day Rule’s rates start at ,500 for three months.Though it doesn’t use algorithms to make matches, theoretically, it becomes more efficient every time it adds a new profile to its database.”Gershowitz’s manicured hands flit between her laptop keyboard and a perfectly poised perch on her crossed legs.A woman in a stylish blue skirt and expensive heeled boots—a potential match for one of Gershowitz’s clients—sits across from her.

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Matchmaking may seem like an odd profession for a millennial, but Three Day Rule has six locations and 19 matchmakers like Gershowitz.

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