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I understand that on those websites they may not have the chance to meet up....16 year olds are just too immature and brash to realise the dangers they are putting themselves into. this true, I think is why German kids are so docile in cases as this.If you tell them it ok, they see no challenge to break any rules to get away with. Germany has no drink age, but can only buy at 15 years old.The law doesn't keep them from getting their hands on the stuff [email protected] was responding to OP, our messages coincided. With regards to teenage access, aren't the parents responsible for keeping an eye on what the children are doing, I fully intend to check out what mine are doing online and if they are accessing any sites I don't like the look of I will block the kids clean up the history, then how can you know what they are doing 24/7? I'm no computer geek, but I have friends in high places that can deal with this stuff for me, all part of being older and wiser ;) And believe me, every action your average teenager makes on their pc is traceable regardless of how much they think they have erased or encrypted that case I totally agree with you, blatant ones like that should be clamped down on, sounds like she needs protection from herself as well as the skanky guys who are planning to meet up with her IP blocking won't really work period, except to those too lazy to not simply use another computer. Its like okay your blocked from using a site at home, so you now can:1. Connect and meet new gay teens in our free live community and social site. For more information on how to search and add your profile to the search please visit How to Use the "Personals" Page.

Our site offers chat forums where you can post , make threads, create a free profile, upload photos to your album, blog, write articles and much more. Best of all is that teens like you visit us from all over the world everyday so your chances of finding someone just like you are more likely to happen here. No matter what youre here for, dating, meeting other people, making new friends, or romance this site may be just what you were looking for.I don't like it either, but I figure there's no real point in worrying about it until they have some method of verifying ages and preventing people from simply lying and putting in whatever they want.You cant go by looks, listed ages, or conversation in determining someone's age. lol I think it comes with the terrortory with a free site.There is no real way to know the truth, unless they are painfully obvious, admit to it or find inconsistancies in the way they write/speak. She wrote to say she was 20 and so there you have it. On paid sites there will be less minors as most sites require payment by credit or debit card, but as some debit cards (solo for one) are now being issued to under 16's not even that is foolproof. She's been talking to him for a while and wanted to know what the score with us was.So in my opinion, the only reality is that you could be talking to anybody and thats the truth. I spotted one "girl" posting a forum on here and replyed20 yrs old. She had his mobile number and was planning to meet him.

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