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Although I have been married for 20 years the exercises have really had a renewing affect on me.I am hoping to start using this material to teach classes soon. I am amazed by your constant generosity and the value that you give to all of us. ” ~ Jeffrey Burns, MA, Raleigh, NC“I’m blown away by all the resources and support that RCI offers!I never imagined 9 years ago when I embarked on my journey to become an Ordained Minister that it would lead me to RCI and all the wonderful benefits available through this amazing Institute.Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the opportunity to spread my wings and grow & evolve into the best Relationship Coach I can be with your help and the help of all the awesome people who belong to Relationship Coaching Institute! Mandi Neiser, Stoney Creek, Ontario, Canada“I review a multitude of materials for Singles and those preparing for Marriage and I think the Conscious Dating Program is among the best.“I came to RCI after being certified by another coach training program.

He has workbooks and professional manuals to support the coaches in their work. The information flows in a meaningful pattern, each exercise builds on the previous one.David Steele is unique in his willingness to share his wealth of resources with his RCI coaches.RCI is a community of people sharing and networking to enhance their lives and the lives of their clients.” ~Bridget Brennan, MA, President: The Cana Institute, St.It is what I call an “emotionally intelligent” approach to finding your permanent Life Partner.For professionals working with Single clients or Young Married clients, I think RCI is at the top of the heap in terms of materials that are available, and the training is reasonably priced.

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