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And saves up to 30 days of footage securely in the cloud. If Nest Cam thinks something’s up, it’ll send a phone alert or an email with a key image from the event.

And if you miss an alert, you can see photos of activity from the last three hours for free in the Nest app. When you subscribe to Nest Aware, advanced cloud algorithms pick out the activity you care about.

All four burglars have been caught and identified.” – A.

I think it is very useful even though I speak swedish because it reads that too even though it is with english voice and I can understand that and many instructions on things are in english and so I can read that. My aim is to be able to meaningfully contribute to society through technology so as to– even in a small way– create a positive impact on people’s lives.

In the future I hope to update the app with other languages.

by leandro-ar"I've been playing with this app for hours, definitely love it. by Lonewolf587"I think this is the best slow motion app I have ever had"Really good by Phone addict15"This app is really good so is the slow motion because you can change the speed so i would recomend it"Awesome!!!!!!

The interface looks as if it was designed by Apple itself, pixel perfect!!! ACTUALLY let's u import videos from camera roll to edit slowmo.

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It’s great for those in the moment events and you can go print them out for cheap at your local Walmart, cvs etc!!

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