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The action and history in this book makes it different from the run of the mill sword and sorcery fantasy. His goal is to acquire three parts of a death mask that will give him power over all of the beasts of the kingdom and thereby rule.The information on the Templars in this book and how they affected history makes it even more interesting. Three youth, Tanner, Gwen, and Colin, having been personally affected by Derthsin’s army and are determined to stop him before he finds all of the parts of the death mask.Her strength as a heroine carries the book as she rockets from one disaster to another in her efforts to keep a person she is coming to care about away from her brother and his friends. series, which is closely related to the story of Hades and Persephone in mythology. Pierce’s grandmother is certainly trying hard to kill her, because her grandmother has been possessed by the Furies.

The choice she makes opens much that has been kept from her, a missing mother, monsters bred to destroy, and friends that risk their lives for her. Jaw-dropping plotting skill makes this book really stand out from the rest.

The reader is both attracted to and aggravated at these two characters by their personalities and choices. He saved her life at one of the lowest times in her memory, and now he is in prison for a crime he didn’t do…murdering his wife.

Throughout the story the author surprises the reader with unexpected turns of events. The whole situation is even more complicated because Digger’s brother is the Inquisitor.

Every chapter ends with a hook, the premise is intriguing, and the characters are complex and interesting; in short, this is a Scholastic, Inc. The action rampages nonstop in this new sword and sorcery journey tale based somewhat on the history of the Knights Templar.

A child searching for the meaning in his torturous gifts in book one , Tormod is one who is looking for a place in the world and a mentor to lead him there.

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